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Sleep perfectly, live more vitally!

In the top quality of alpaca bedding

100% alpaca fibers - pure & vital - 100% natural


SIE leiden unter STRESS und haben SCHLAFPROBLEME?!

Wir haben das optimale Schafmittel

mit gesundheitsfördernden Eigenschaften für SIE!

Auf natürliche Weise Ihren SCHLAF VERBESSERN,


Schlafen Sie ab heute in ALPADORO!

  Hier geht´s zu unseren ANGEBOTEN!  


Sleep perfectly

The cuddly soft blanket with 100% alpaca fleece lets your body relax immediately and switch off more quickly. Thus, stress is reduced much faster. The optimal temperature balance and the moisture regulating effect allow lasting regeneration and sleep particularly deep and restful.


Total relaxation

Due to the different filling volumes of this very special alpaca blanket, it triggers a feeling of a gentle hug when it is placed on the body. The bed system brings the entire organism into harmony - an all-round feel-good factor that you will certainly never want to be without.

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Increased wellbeing

Temperature, the high quality of the pillows and blankets are decisive factors in order to fall asleep quickly, sleep well, relax deeply and wake up regenerated. At the same time, they mobilize the immune system more quickly and consistently activate the body's own processes.


More vital life

By gently pushing vitality during sleep, your organism experiences an increase in mental strength, improved concentration and performance. Power and energy are sustainably regenerated. At the same time, this leads to more enthusiasm in life and supports serenity in everyday life.



In order to achieve the best possible results in the best quality, we have researched, experimented and tested for a long time. We combine the extraordinary properties of alpaca fiber with our unique processing methods. This is how our exclusive alpaca products from ALPADORO are made in our factory. Our high standards drive us again and again.

The new dimension of sleeping!